See Basel from on high right in the city center! Climb the Basel cathedral towers and you will experience a view across Basel and it’s suburbs, France, the first hills of the German black forest, and much more.

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The Basel Minster  The Basel minster used to have five towers until October 18th, 1356 when an earthquake hit Basel. It is now known as the earthquake of Basel. From the original five towers, only the lower part of the front left tower survived the earthquake.  It was rebuilt and stood for over half a century as the only cathedral tower.
Today, the Basel minster has two towers on the West side of the cathedral. The left tower is the ‘George tower’ (67.3 meters), it was completed in 1428, and the left tower is the Martin-tower (65.5 meters) – completed in 1500. During the middle ages the towers were called the “old tower” and “new tower”.  They were later renamed after the two saints: St.George and St.Martin.  Their statues are now on the building’s front facade.
Depending on renovation, you can climb both Basel Cathedral towers in approximately 200 steps.  Some consider the left tower harder due to the dark staircases and an upper stair case with larger windows that are secured only with two bars.  The right tower has even access into the middle of the tower without climbing over railing.
Prices & Hours Franks and Euros are accepted, however, NO credit or debit cards! No single entries, only groups of two or more people.
 Adults CHF 5.- 
 Students Teenager CHF 3.- 
 under 14 years Free 
Hours: Summer Time
 Mon-Fri10.00am – 05.00pm 
 Saturday10.00am – 04.00pm 
 Sunday11.30am – 05.00pm 
Hours: Winter Time
 Mon-Sat10.00am – 04.00pm 
 Sunday11.30am – 05.00pm 
 Holidays11.30am – 05.00pm 
Last entry is 30min before closing time.

Insider Buzz Bad weather: A little rain is no problem, however, the towers are off limits by thunder storms and/or lightning.
Watch your head: There are several passages during the climb, on the platforms, the balconies and even the doors, where you should watch your head. This building has not been built with modern tourist safety standards in mind!
Bells: At the first ‘platform’ level, there is a large bell and many more in the towers.  They are active and very loud – especially when you stand right next to them.  The Bells will go off every hour and every other 15 minute interval.
Steep Steps: If you feel the steps are too steep, hold on to the railing, turn around, and go down backwards.
Cars are no longer allowed to drive up to the minster. The closest parking garage is “Storchen” at Fischplatz.
Final Buzz This is a low cost adventure activity the whole family will enjoy.  The climb is not very hard, even entertaining, and the scenery from the balconies and the top of the towers is one not to be missed!Follow the few insider tips and even children and adults with a mild fear of heights can climb the Basel minster towers.

Public Transport
» Trams 1, 2 & 15 Exit Kunsthaus
» Trams 6, 8, 11, 15, 16 & 17 Exit Schifflände
» Buses 31, 33, 34, 36 & 38 Exit Schifflände
» Tram 3 Exit Barfüsserplatz
» Tram 10 Exit Theater
» Follow signs up the hill to the cathedral

Rittergasse 3
4051 Basel
Tel: +41 61 277 45 42

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