How often have you searched every possible forum for a Basel Laundromat without success?  The search is over!  Basel Buzz found a Laundromat for you!

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Description This Laundromat is in a shipping container, has three sizes washing machines and two sizes of dryers. There are two small and medium washing machines, and one large washer. Dryers are a little limited with only one large and one extra large dryer. Laundry detergent and a coin change machine are also in the container.It is in a safe area with many people coming and going due to other stores nearby.  The Laundromat is used frequently whilst still having available washing machines.The prices are a little bit cheaper than those of Swiss drycleaners, although there are other laundrettes that offer similar prices. The big advantage is that you don’t need to wait several days to receive the laundry back much like a drycleaner.With this Basel Laundromat, there now is a third option that certainly benefits those who have a car, and do not want to use a drycleaners or be bound to strict washing schedules that some Swiss apartment complexes require their residents to follow.
Waiting recommendationsWhile you wait for your laundry, Basel Buzz recommends Mc Donalds right next to the Laundromat. Swiss mobile phones have good signal on Swisscom, which includes 3G wireless. McDonalds France allows internet usage similar to McDonalds USA, which doesn’t require you to have a local cell phone and register with them. You only need to accept their terms & conditions and you’re online! This McDonalds location also has a large indoor playground for your children.
Prices & Hours
WasherDryerLaundry detergent
Small 3.50Large2.00One cup0.50
Medium 7.00XL-Large2.00(cups provided) 

LocationThis Laundromat shipping container is located on the main road in Saint-Louis, France.  Basel Buzz recommends driving there by car.  Take the Elsässerstrasse from Novartis to France main campus in Basel. Drive into France and stay on the same road. It is first called Avenue de Basel and then turns into Rue de Mulhouse. You will go through several roundabouts. On the other side of Saint-Louis, you will see a McDonalds on the left side, turn left, and the Basel Laundromat is right next to the McDonalds.
Final BuzzAccording to our research, this is the only traditional American Laundromat in the region. Reports about another Basel Laundromat at Mülhauserstrasse 78, are not accurate. That facility is a drop off only, where staff iron the washed laundry. More Basel Buzz about this location here: Link (coming soon).Did you find another Laundromat in the Basel region?  A Basel Laundromat? How was your experience? Please send us a Buzz below.
1 Rue de Séville
68300 Saint-Louis
(Click on map for directions)  
Lux Laverie/
Mc Donalds/

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I just wanted to let you know that there is at least one other laundromat in Saint Louis, France. The address is 1 rue Chanoine Eugène Gage, 68300 Saint Louis. It’s opposite the Credit Mutuel bank, in a small side street off the main street (Rue de Mulhouse), about 5 min walk from Saint Louis train station. I don’t remember the prices but it has a lot more machines (washers and dryers) than the other one and is much easier to get to (although you can get the 604 bus to both from Schifflände) and is well kept by the very kind owners.
    It’s open 7 days a week until about 8 pm I think, but this should be checked.
    There was another laundromat in the Rue Bartholdi, just off the Avenue de Bâle but I’m not sure whether that one is still open or not. If it is, it’s about a ten-minute walk from the St-Louis Grenze stop of tram 11.

    I hope this is of use to you. Sorry I don’t have the exact prices and times, I haven’t been there for a while.

    • Basel Buzz says:

      Dear Stephanie,

      Thank you for your great comment! We were not aware of this Laundromat and will update the article with it soon.
      We appreciate reader contributions like yours to help bring all that good information to everyone.

      Thank you!
      Your Basel Buzz Team

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