How to park in Blue Zones (blue-lined parking spots)?

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How long can I park for? Blue-lined parking spots are free, but time-limited parking. However, during these times there are no parking restrictions:
 Free Parking in Blue Zones
 Mon-Sat   07:00pm – 07.59amn  
 Weekends   Sat. 07.00pm – Mon. 07.59am  
  Holidays    07.00pm prior day – 07.59am day after Holiday  
  During any other time, parking is generally limited to one hour and a Swiss-Blue-Parking-Disc is required which can be bought cheaply at most Corner Stores (please note that a German Blue Parking-Disc, though similar looking, cannot be used).  
How to set the Parking Disc correctly The Parking-Disc must be set to the arrival time, rounded to the next half hour:
For example: » If you arrive between 04:01pm and 04:29pm » you need to set the Parking-Disc to 04:30pm » And can then park for one hour from the set time, in this case until 05:30pm
(Note that if you arrive at 04.01pm you can park for 1h and 29 min. until 05.30pm. Exception Lunch-Time: If you arrive between 11:31am and 01.29pm you can park until 02:30pm
Final Buzz Even though there seems to be many rules, simply remember:
» Set the Blue-Parking-Card rounded to the next half-hour » Park for one hour from the time set on the Parking-Disc » Mon-Sat Parking is free after 07.00pm until 07.59am the next day » Sundays and Holidays are free
Please note, that setting the Parking-Disc to a time after the arrival time, re-setting the time of the Parking-Disc after the time is up or moving the car to another, nearby blue-parking spot for longer parking is forbidden and can result in hefty fines. Special permits for single 1/2 Day parking and “unlimited” parking for residents can be attained at the local Police Office for a fee.

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