Were you ever thinking of what animals roam Swiss forests? When was your last Swiss farm visit? Discover both, and much more, at Lange Erlen animal park.

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WhereErlenparkweg 110 Basel
Hourswinter   8am-5pm summer 5pm-6pm

Discover Swiss wild & farm animals
Meet the shyest predator in Switzerland at Lange Erlen. If you take pictures of a wild Swiss lynx, it so amazing that it will (and did in the past) make it into Swiss newspapers. Not so at Lange Erlen! Here it is normal to watch several lynx, living in two exhibits that were designed match their ‘wild’ habitat. From time to time, you can even observe young lynx right within sight. In other outdoor exhibits, you will discover red deer (the largest native Swiss wild animals), European wild cats, wild boars, and shy foxes. In indoor exhibits, you will find Harvest mice, Tree frogs, and Grass snakes. By and in the ponds are ducks, storks, fish, and, with some luck, you might even see an European pond turtle. Really, from small to large, you will find a huge variety of Swiss animals at Lange Erlen.In the back of the park, you can introduce your kids to domesticated animals at the Lange Erlen Swiss farm village. With animals such as pigs, rabbits, ponies, chicken, rats, and many more. It will provide a friendly atmosphere for education, relaxation, and an save place to have fun with your children.If fun is what you are after, visit the not-so-Swiss Capuchin monkeys (the small monkey from the movie ‘Night in the Museum’), who will make you leave with a smile on your face.
Traditional park with many new exhibits Nestled in a beautiful park area with old large trees, many streams, waterfalls, and open grass knolls, Lange Erlen is in the process of a multimillion renovation and expansion phase. In the past few years, following was improved:
» New European wild cat exhibit
» New bridge across the duck pond
» New pond observation hut
» New lynx exhibition
» Renovated farm houses & stables
» Large bird cage for the eagle owls
» Chamois hill (an Alpine goat-antelope)
» All new paths on the South part
» New benches, new signs, new rails
Where to eat and drink The park’s restaurant has been re-opened in 2015 (after a complete renovation) and offers a large outdoor balcony with a stage for evening entertainment.In the park is a kiosk and at the entrance is often an ice cream stand. If you forget something, there is a kiosk in the center of the park to buy snacks with several tables and chairs (no picnic there). In case of need, right next to the kiosk are the rest rooms. On warm days, you will find a small ice cream stand at the entrance of the park that serves various flavors of ice cream scoops in a cone or cup.You can also bring your own food and sit down on one of the many benches, having a family picnic in the park. Note: don’t feed the animals with sandwich kernels or bread crumbs!
Basilisk sightseeing & kids entertainment A large Basilisk statue is at the entrance of the park and, by the kiosk inside the park, you will find a copy of the famous Basel basilisk water fountain. The basilisk statue at the entrance is one of the four original basilisks that decorated each corner end of the Wettstein bridge and the Lange Erlen basilisk is the nicest statue of Basel’s mascot. The small green basilisk fountain by the kiosk has, like everywhere else Basel, drinking water for you and your dog. So if you forgot to bring something to drink: here you go. Enjoy the Basel drinking water, filtered at the Lange Erlen forest.

Buzz Info: Opening Hours Entertainment
CarouselSat & Sun 1pm-7pm
Go Kartdaily from 1pm (if no rain) Sat&Sun from 10am on

For children, there is a carousel by the parking lot. In between the restaurant and the animal park are two “digger” operators, a mini electric go kart ”Autobahn” (both at a cost of CHF 2.00), and a popular playground.
Final Buzz There is free parking if you like to come by car, however, at many times you will have a hard time finding an open parking space. If you find a parking space, remember to have a blue parking card with you. Here it is valid for max. 3 hours from 8am to 7pm. In case you like to bring your dog, it needs to be on a leash. Don’t feed the animals, don’t pick any flowers, and last but not least: bicycles, trottinettes and skateboards need to be left at the entrance.
Public Transport
» From Badischer Bahnhof take bus no. 36
» Exit at the bus station Schorenweg
Erlenparkweg 110
4058 Basel
Tel: +41 61 681 43 44  

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