When was the last time you picked fresh strawberries? Just seven walking minutes from the Basel boarder, in Binningen, you can pick strawberries as perfect as you like them.

  » Fresh, close, & a great value
  » Rules & recommendations
  » Prices & what to do on arrival
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Whereby Sternwarte St.Maragrethen Venusstrasse 7, Binningen
HoursMon-Sun (when not raining) 9am-noon / 2pm-6:30pm   open

Fresh, close to Basel & a great value How often did you buy red strawberries in the store only to find out that they were hard as a rock? Not on the field! Here you can taste east and pick the best and freshest strawberries to take home. Then, at home, the natural-ripened, fresh strawberry will be excactly as you like them. This strawberry field is the closest to the city centre and fastest to get to with public transportation. It is right next to Basel. It’s only five to seven walking-minutes from the Basel border away. You don’t have to go far from your own front door to get a great strawberry adventure. Strawberry fields offer the best value, both extrinsic and in the price per eaten strawberry. Make etxrinsic family memories by bringing your children along who will have something to remember for a lifetime. Combine strawberry picking with a nice Sunday afternoon walk or jogging on Bruderholz. Even without all these extra bonuses, add up the price of the field-eaten and brought-home strawberries – the value is simply amazing! You can look far and wide – strawberry fields offer the best value! – With all the eating on the field, just keep in mind to support the farmer by buying at least some strawberries…
Rules and Recommendations
  1. Baskets Most times, free baskets are available, but it is appreciated when you bring your own   2. Check the strawberry Before picking off a strawberry, turn it over. The bottom side might still be green and not ready for picking   3. Look well Search for strawberries by turning aside the leaves. Too many people just go by sight and miss “hidden” strawberries   4. Bad strawberries If you pick a rotten or bad strawberry, dig up a small hole in the straw to bury there, so that the a good strawberries can still ripen   5. All you can eat You are allowed to eat as many strawberries as you like, but also support the farmer   6. Don’t and Do’sDon’t run around. Don’t stand on the plants. Do not throw the berries. Watch your kids   7. Dogs Dogs will have to wait outside. You can tie up your dog(s) to the cashier’s truck   8. Dress code Some places only allow entry in trousers/pants/shorts and skirts are not allowed due to hygiene reasons. The Binningen strawberry field does not have this rule. Still, something to remember
Prices and what to do before entering the field There is no entry cost. You only pay for the picked strawberries weight at CHF 5 per kilo (about two pounds) or you can buy a pre-picked package for CHF 5 per 500 grams (about 1 pound). On arrival, go to the trailer. There, let the farmer weigh your basket and then ask which part of the field you should go to. In case you don’t speak German, bring a pen and Post-it, to write down the basket’s weight and ask “wo?” or “wohin gehen?” The farmer will then point you to where you should go. Trust the farmer and even if you see nice strawberries on the way, don’t stop there. The farmer knows best and you will find more strawberries in the area you were advised to go.
Parking options The best parking is at the cemetery parking lot across the street from Heilig Kreuz church in Binningen, as well as at the other cemetery parking past the Sonnenbad on the left side of the road. At both cemetery parking lots, place the blue parking card on your dashboard and mention your arrival time. There the maximum parking is 2 hours. On the Margarethenstrasse, you might find some parking spots in the blue parking zone. Regular blue parking zone rules apply. Make sure to use the blue parking disc correctly.
Buzz Info: Parking in Blue Zones
Articleclick here article in works
On the Bruderholz in Basel, you can park at Unterer Batterieweg, Starenstrasse, Amselstrasse, and Schäublinstrasse. To note is: several streets are one-way, parking spots are few, and locals don’t like it when you park in front of their driveways. It may seem like there is parking by Sonnenbad or the astronomical observatory, but do not park there. The owners don’t like it. The strawberry farmer allows parking next to the strawberry field, however, the Binningen police might not be too happy and could give you a “present.”
Final Buzz This is the easiest strawberry field to get to from downtown Basel by public transport. Both bus 36 (THE Basel ring/beltway bus line) and tram 2 (THE Basel North-South tram line) have stations close by. You can get there fast with bus/tram from basically anywhere in Basel. For families with children, the Margarethen park with two playgrounds, a small fountain-pool, and grassy knolls give you many possibilities to combine your strawberry picking with playing, BBQ-ing, sport, and much more.

Public Transport
» Closest: bus 36 station Kunsteisbahn if going East/towards Kleinhünigen (walk through the Margarethen park & up the hill) » Bus 36 & tram 2 station Margarethen
» Tram 10 & 17 station Dorenbach
in case you come from Oberwil:
» Tram 10 & 17 station Binningen Oberdorf
Best & Closest option is: Friehofstrasse 5 4102 Binningen Switzerland

red dot – strawberries
blue P – parking
green T – tram/bus
Click on Map for directions

Other strawberry fields

Wiesner’s Beeriland

Bottmingen – on the East hill
phone: 079 652 59 44 – map on webpage

Lörzbachtaler Erdbeeren

Allschwil – on the way South
phone: 061 481 45 23 – webpage in German
These other strawberry fields may not be open. They are listed here only as a possible alternative to the Binningen strawberry field for your information.

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