La Pirarita is Basel’s not-so-hidden Mexican restaurant gem. It’s outside the historic downtown, on a busy street, and has an interesting webpage. Don’t be blinded, La Pirarita is considered the best Mexican restaurant in Basel (TexMex excluded)

Food recommendations
The Friday buffets are famous (discounts at lunch and music for dinner). A great meal for 2 or 4 people is the Taco Party (see below sale). You get free chips & salsa when you arrive. La Pirarita has many Mexican beers to choose from, offers not-Swiss-priced margaritas, and has several vegetarian meals.

What to expect
La Piratita offers a great value in a causal athmosphere. TripAdvisor awarded La Piratita a Certificate of Excellence (more here: TripAdvisor). This ranking is generally confirmed among Basel’s expat community and locals. Due to this popularity, you might have to wait on some occasions more than 10 minutes for a waiter. Be realistic with your expectations! This is not a gourmet restaurant and you are not on vacation in Cancun. La Pirarita gives you great Mexican meal value in Basel, Switzerland.
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January 12, 2016

Links La Piratita Home
La Piratita Hegenheimerstrasse 216 4055 Basel
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