Nothing Bad Should Happen, But…

Why do we get so nervous when it comes to asking for a raise?
The worst thing that can happen is that your boss says no, right? And then you’re no better off than you were before asking.
Except, sometimes, asking for a raise can go south and jeopardize your relationship with your boss. Here’s why it’s sometimes not a good idea to ask for a raise and why your boss may react badly.
The Clueless Asker
When you were hired, you negotiated a salary. (Or at least, you were offered a salary and you accepted it without negotiating.) You agreed that doing X job for $Y was fair. So, when you come back to your boss three months later and ask for a raise, you look rather clueless. If you thought that the job was really not worth $Y, you should have negotiated that before you accepted the job.
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