If you’re driving on Swiss freeways, you need to purchase the 2016 freeway sticker “vignette” until January 31, 2016 or latest before you will drive again on a Swiss freeway.

Swiss Law
Any car that drives on a Swiss freeway must have the “vignette” properly stuck on the inside windshield. If it is not fully stuck on the windshield (i.e. laying on the dashboard), it does not count and police can issue a fine of CHF 200. There are very few exceptions to this law. For example, you may drive on the Swiss freeway between the French freeway boarder crossing and the first Swiss freeway exit without a vignette.

Where to buy
You can purchase the vignette at any freeway entrance to Switzerland. Within Switzerland, gas stations, post offices, garages, TCS outlets, road traffic authorities, and other stores sell this freeway tax sticker for a standard CHF 40.

Where to display
This sticker must be stuck on the inside windshield by the back-mirror or at the windshield’s top or bottom corner on the driver’s side. For vehicles without windshields (i.e. motorbikes), the sticker must be stuck to a well visible, non removable part of the vehicle. Be careful when you stick it on. You have only one try. You will not be able to remove it without braking it! For pictures and more in English Click Here.

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was published on January 19, 2016
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