Travel + Leisure annouced the top 10 airlines in the world for 2015. Here they are:

10. Qantas Airlines
Qantas Airline is the flag carrier of Australia and is its largest carrier according to fleet size, international flights, and destinations. Qantas is also the third oldest airline in the world (established in 1920) and one of the safest airline to fly with – if not the safest.
9. All Nippon Airways (ANA) All Nippon Airways (or ANA) is a Japanese carrier based in Tokyo. It was formed by an airline merger in 1958. ANA has 72 destinations, is a 5 star airline, and part of Star Alliance.
8. Korean Air Korean Air is the largest carrier in South Korea and has 114 international destinations on 6 continent. That makes Korean Air one of the few airlines that flies to all continents except Antarctica. Korean Air is part of SkyTeam and its freight planes can be seen in Basel. Korean Air flies 3 times per week Zurich-Seoul-Incheon: on TUE, THR, and SAT.
7. Thai Airways International Thai Airways International was one of the founding members of Star Alliance. It is also the flag carrier of Thailand and flies to 78 destinations in 35 countries – one of which is Zurich. Thai Airways flies daily a Boeing 777-300 from Zurich to Bangkok-Suvarnabhumi.
6. Virgin Atlantic Airways Virgin Atlantic is a British airline that was established in 1984 as a means to fly between the UK and the Falkland islands (among other reasons). It now is a major UK airline and owned to 49% by Delta Airlines.
5. Air New Zealand Air New Zealand is the national airline of New Zealand. It was established in 1965 and flew solely between Australia and New Zealand. Today, it is famous for its Middle Earth inspired flight safety videos and its top-rated Economy SkyCouch. Air New Zealand is part of Star Alliance and has been named “Airline of the Year” twice.
4. Cathay Pacific Airways Cathay Pacific Airways is the largest airline in Hong Kong and has about 200 destinations in 52 countries. The airline made the world’s first non-stop transpolar flight in July 1998 and received the award “World’s Best Airline” more than any other airline. Cathy Pacific flies a Boeing 777-300ER daily between Zurich and Hong Kong.
3. Qatar Airways Qatar Airways is a relatively new airline – established in 1993. It now has 150+ planes in its fleet and flies to 140 destinations. Qatar Airways introduced the Boeing 787 Dreamliner to Switzerland in January 2013 and now flies a Boeing 787-8 daily between Zurich and Doha.
2. Emirates Emirates, based in Dubai, operates more than 3’300 flights per week to about 150 destinations in 78 countries. It is the world’s largest operator of Boeing 777 and Airbus A380 aircrafts. As such Emirates is also the largest A380 operator in Switzerland and offers 2 daily A380 flights between Zurich and Dubai.  
Noteworthy, is that Emirates is the only commercial airlines that provides on-board showers on flights to/from Switzerland, has free WiFi on its Swiss flights, and is a partner with EasyJet. This partnership is especially valuable for Emirates frequent-fliers who can use their miles on free flights to over 50 EasyJet-destinations from Basel.  
Through Emirates’ hub in Dubai, this airline often provides the best value flights to Asian and Australian destinations. If you fly Emirates beyond Dubai and have some extra time, consider exploring the city of Dubai. Emirates offers a layover service to passengers who book Emirates flights through their homepage. For more information .
1. Singapore Airlines Singapore Airlines was the launch customer of the world’s largest passenger aircraft: the Airbus A380. It was founded in 1947 and offers today 5 cabin classes – most famous are Singapore’s A380 Suites with 2-meter real double beds.  
Singapore’s other cabin classes are certainly also comfy! The Economy class, for example, offers more than that what most USA-based airlines have in their Premium Economy. In the Singapore’s Economy class, you have a 10.6-inch personal screen that gives you more than 1’000 options and 250+ movies to choose from. You have knee- and legroom space similar or greater to USA-airline’s Premium Economy classes and you’ll receive a complenetary amenitiy kit. Singapore’s Economy seat has a personal light, a glasses compartment, a USB port, a leg-rest, and a small mirror. Also worth mentioning are the excellent dining options (incl. hot breakfast) and in-flight transcontinental WiFi (for pay).  
You can fly the world’s top airline in the world’s largest aircraft (the A380) daily between Zurich and Singapore in an A380 version with an extra-large business class cabin. If you are connecting in Singapore to another flight, consider Singapore’s Stopover Holiday specials () and take some time to discover the Singapore airport – which is consistantly rated as the world’s best airport. Some Singapore airport ideas to explore are the butterfly garden, sunflower garden, waterfalls, a free movie theater for passengers, a pay-per-use lounge with showers, and much, much more.  
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