Europa Park opens the authentic Swiss “Schellen-Ursli” house. This brings the famous Swiss children’s story and one the top 10 Swiss films to the Basel region’s best amusements park.

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The Schellen-Ursli House opens  On Wednesday, May 11, 2016, Europa Park opened the “Schellen-Ursli” house in its Swiss section. This Europa Park expansion was done in close association with families of the book’s authors, the film producers, and officials from the Swiss canton Graubünden. Through these extensive partnerships, Europa Park presents an authentic traditional Swiss house with many movie and book memorabilias.
Famous book & successful movie The children’s book “Schellen-Ursli” is Switzerland’s second most famous children’s story – after “Heidi.” It illustrates the adventure of the boy “Ursli” in the Alpine village of Guarda in the Southern Swiss canton Graubünden. There, Ursli needs to find a large bell for the traditional bell ringing to welcome spring (this event is called Chalandamarz). The book is well-known throughout Switzerland, was translated into 14 languages, and sold about 1 million copies. The film “Schellen-Ursli” is currently the 7th most successull Swiss movie in history. It was produced on a budget of over 5 million Swiss Francs by Academy-Awards-winning producer Xavier Koller with an amazing attention to historical and regional authenticity. Over 430’000 people watched it in movie theaters and it is still shown in Basel’s kult movie theater on Sundays.
A LOT of authenticity at Europa Park Europa Park pays great attention to details and offers you an authentic “Schellen Ursli” house. The front of the house is an exact copy of the original film house (see photos in slide show) and inside are many real Swiss drawings and movie momentos. In general, Europa Park pays a LOT of attention to details and offers many authentic traditional country specialities. Thomas Mack (member of Europa Park board of directors) suggests following restaurants to experience cultural country dishes: Austria-Restaurant Seehaus; Germany-Schloss Balthasar; Scandinavia: Fjord-Restaurant; Spain-Restaurant Don Quichotte; the upcoming “O`Mackays Café and Pub” in Ireland (opening this summer); and others.
Final Buzz Besides the many great rides and shows at Europa Park, the authentic “Schellen-Ursli” house in the Swiss section and the many cultural country dishes are worth a visit. Where else can you experience so many European country cultures in 1 day? Also to recommend is the Swiss children’s book “Schellen-Ursli” and the movie. The movie, however, is not yet translated into English and is mostly to be enjoyed for its scenes. Last but not least, how about visiting the original location in Graubünden? Here is the link:
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