Here are the top Basel city parks for you to discover and enjoy

1. Kannenfeld Park
This is the largest green area within Basel city. It used to be a cemetary and still has the old walls and entrance gate. Once inside, you might forget that you are still in the middle of a city.
2. Lange Erlen
This is Basel’s oldest animal park (est. 1871). It’s located in a beautiful park with water streams, ponds, and old trees. You can enjoy free entry and see mostly Swiss farm and wild animals.
3. Margarethenpark
Basel’s Southern-most city park. It has 2 playgrounds, a small forest, and boarders the open fields on Bruderholz hill. There, you can go jogging and pick fresh strawberries in late spring.
4. Park im Grünen, Münchenstein
This is the region’s largest recrea- tional area with a botanical garden, restaurants, play grounds, a dinosaur, ponds, a show farm, a mini-golf, a museum, and much more for you to discover.
5. Schützenmatt Park
This park dates back to 1498 as a shooting range with a marksmen house (now a res- taurant). The adjacent park has a jogging lane, seve- ral play areas, a café, and a large central grass area.
6. St. Johannspark, Basel
This park is in front of the historic city gate “St. Johann.” It has a pavillon with a café, a play ground, and a large grass-meadow on the shore of the Rhine river – where river cruise ships dock.
What is your favorite Basel city park? Let us know. We’d love hearing from you!


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