Visit the Top Sights in and around Basel

1. Basel Cathedral (minster)
This is Basel’s landmark – similar to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The minster balcony give you a great Rhine river view and a tower climb rewards you with the best Basel downtown view.
2. City Hall
This 500-year-old building is both the historic and current seat of Basel’s government. In the courtyard are beautiful old wall paintings. Monday-Friday you can visit the inside for free.
3. Exhibition Square
Basel’s exhibition square is home the world’s most important modern art and watches exhibitions (ArtBasel / Baselworld), and many other exhibits. Hall 1 is an European architectural marvel.
4. Ferry Leu
The historic Lion ferry and 3 other passenger ferries connect the two Basels across the Rhine river. Today, they firmly belong to Basel’s downtown highlights and are worth a ride.
5. Gate of Spalen
The “Spalentor” is one of the most beautiful Swiss city gates and used to be part of Basel’s city wall. The public cannot climb it and it is next to the university’s botanical garden (free entry).
6. Historic Downtown
The Greater Basel “Altstadt” with 13th century buildings used to be surrounded by the inner city wall. Today it’s the central city district with many hotels, restaurants, shops, and sights.
7. Lange Erlen
This is Basel’s oldest animal park (est. 1871). It’s located in a beautiful park with water streams, ponds, and old trees. You can enjoy free entry and see mostly Swiss farm and wild animals.
8. Zoo Basel
This zoo counts as one of the best 15 zoos on the planet and is also one of the most vi- sited Swiss sights. Over 1 million visitors per year discover over 7’000 animals from about 600 species.


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