Europa Park

  • The new entrance to the Swiss bob-slide ride.

    Europa Park dedicates famous Swiss Children’s book house

    Europa Park opens the authentic Swiss “Schellen-Ursli” house. This brings the famous Swiss children’s story and one the top 10 Swiss films to the Basel region’s best amusements park.   » New “Schellen-Ursli” House   » Famous Book & Film   » A LOT of Authenticity   » Final Buzz The Schellen-Ursli House opens  […]

  • 5 Recommendations on Packed Days

    5 Recommendations on Packed Days

    You tried your best to avoid large crowds, but what if you have no other choice than visiting Europa Park on a popular holiday? Here are 5 recommendations that help you make the best out of a packed day at Europa Park.   » Know the waiting times » Review […]

  • Europa Park Intro

    Europa Park Intro

    Europa Park is Europe’s second largest amusement park and is only about an hour North of Basel by car. For that reason, many Basel locals think of Europa Park as “their” amusement park and many visit it annually for one or several days.   » Attraction Overview » Superb Shows » Final buzz   Attractions Overview In […]

  • 16 themed areas: Greece with monorail "EP-Express" and the water coaster "Poseidon"

    Europa Park-General Recommendations & Hours

    Time is very limited whilst visiting Europa Park.  Here are a few general recommendations that will make your Europa Park visit more effective. The opening hours you’ll find at the end of the post   » Plan your visit » Tips while you’re there » Hours   Plan your day With […]