• The Bruderholz Diplocodus offers great photo shots in any season of the year

    The Region where Jurassic World began

    Jurassic World made box office history. Now, it’s the perfect time, to find out where the Jurassic story began and what you can discover at the Jurassic birth-place: Northwest-Switzerland   » From Jura to Jurassic Park   » “Jurassic”dinosaurs in North-West Switzerland   » Places to visit   » Final Buzz From Jura Mountains […]

  • When you arrive, go first to the strawberry farmer stand to weight your basket

    Strawberry Field Binningen

    When was the last time you picked fresh strawberries? Just seven walking minutes from the Basel boarder, in Binningen, you can pick strawberries as perfect as you like them.   » Fresh, close, & a great value   » Rules & recommendations   » Prices & what to do on arrival   » Several […]

  • Lange Erlen Animal Park

    Lange Erlen Animal Park

    Were you ever thinking of what animals roam Swiss forests? When was your last Swiss farm visit? Discover both, and much more, at Lange Erlen animal park.   » Swiss animals in the wild & on farms   » Traditional park & new exhibits   » Eating, drinking & sightseeing   » Sightseeing & […]

  • 1. Basel cathedral and the Pfaltz (balcony) overlooking the Rhine river and Kleinbasel

    Top 8 free summer activities in Basel

    Not sure what to do on a hot summer day? No problem! Here’s the latest Basel Buzz for the top 8 free summer activities in Basel and its tiurbs for adults and children.   » Historical sites   » Botanical Gardens   » Play Sports 1. Basel Cathedral with Pfalz (balcony) Not only is […]