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  • Basel's mascot, the basilisk, welcomes you in the parking lot

    Public Holiday Schedule 2016

    Here are the public holidays in the Basel region: in Switzerland: Basel-City, Basel-Country, and Solothurn; in France: Elsass; and in Germany: Baden-Würtemberg. Holiday Schedule OH=Official public holiday (like Sunday: banks, stores, schools and businesses are closed) / V1.0 Holiday laws in Switzerland 1. a)  Switzerland makes a difference between official public […]

  • The Bruderholz Diplocodus offers great photo shots in any season of the year

    The Region where Jurassic World began

    Jurassic World made box office history. Now, it’s the perfect time, to find out where the Jurassic story began and what you can discover at the Jurassic birth-place: Northwest-Switzerland   » From Jura to Jurassic Park   » “Jurassic”dinosaurs in North-West Switzerland   » Places to visit   » Final Buzz From Jura Mountains […]

  • The new BVB trams (Basel City trams)

    Social norms in Basel Trams & Buses

    How should you behave in Basel’s trams and buses? While there are few official laws, many social norms and expectations are part of the Basel social culture.   » Quick overview   » General trams & buses   » Yellow (BLT) buses Recommendations in all trams and buses   Buzz Info: Tram Rules […]

  • Minster Ferry ‘Leu’

    Minster Ferry ‘Leu’

    Have you ever been on smooth ferry journey across a major European river? Discover the most adventurous way to and from Basel’s number one church: the minster ferry Leu.   » Downtown highlight   » One of four ferries   » Long tradition   » Prices, times, and additional info Quick Buzz Where Minster […]

  • Swiss import laws

    Switzerland Import Laws

    If you are buying groceries in Germany or France, be aware of the Swiss import laws. Customs officials may stop you at the border and check if you follow below rules. » Total purchases max. CHF 300.- » Max. 1 kg of meat » List of other products What to […]